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‘INCOX™’ is a SaaS Platform that helps to Bring Your SaaS Apps Together (BYSAT). In other words, it facilitates effortless integration of your SaaS Applications. With ‘incoxBot’ available on Slack, Business Users can perform their day to day tasks across applications in a simple way, just by typing few keywords or simple sentences - all in one place.

INCOX™ offers

  • Canned workflows to perform routine business tasks effortlessly

  • Provides alerts for key business events to take actions

  • Acts as a virtual assistant to know key business information, anytime / anywhere / through any device.

INCOX On-boarding


Subscribe to the 'incoxBot' and initiate conversation with a 'Hello' Message.


Authorize your preferred Online Apps for ‘incoxBot’.


Execute Pre-configured Workflow Tasks in a Single or Multiple Online Apps.


INCOX Benefits

Monotony in handling day-to day business operation tasks leads to loss of Efficiency, Productivity and Low Morale. This, in-turn has an indirect impact on cost, time and people. ‘incoxBot’ helps to eliminate the above bottlenecks through three key benefits outlined below.

  • Refine

    Establish a Rhythm for executing Bussiness Tasks

  • Rpeat

    Organize Processes into workflows for repeatability. Achieve 50% increase in efficiency

  • Reduce

    Automate workflows Execution and reduce cycle time. Achieve 50% increase in Productivity.

INCOX Workflows

INCOX™ supports canned workflows which are single or multi-step actions across multiple applications. These workflows are pre-configured and available as Ready-to use actions at click of buttons. They are also referred as 'INCFLOWS' in the context of INCOX™.

QuickBooks (QB)

For a New Customer in QB, create a contact in Zoho CRM and vice versa



Create/Update incidents in servicenow for issues created/updated in Jira & vice versa


Zoho CRM

Create/Update/View key details pertaining to Account, Leads and Deals



Create incident through text messages and send SMS notification for closed incidents


Frequently Asked Question

On-boarding INCOX

Sign-up for a free trial. You will be re-directed to a page with instructions. Follow them to On-board INCOX and set-up 'incoxBot'.

You can also check video Slack On-boarding Video for INCOX™ or refer the help guide Slack incoxBot Set-up Guide for instructions.

Supportability of INCOX™

At present, INCOX™ is supported only through Slack messaging app. In order to use it, you can easily set-up an account in Slack and start using INCOX™.

For easy handling of your Online (SaaS) business applications

If your business is using Software-As Service (SaaS) Applications, it is understood that your critical business data is spread across these applications. In order to effectively manage and utilize these applications, you need a way to connect them and manipulate the information.

This can't be done by a business owner/user without the intervention of a developer. INCOX™ platform helps to connect these applications without any development effort.

The platform facilitates a BOT called ‘incoxBot’ through which you can interact and run tasks across multiple applications. Thus INCOX™ works like a virtual assistant to self-service your task automation needs in a ready-to use fashion.

What is special about INCOX™?

Solutions available in the market at present are either Enterprise or Developer focused. On the contrary, INCOX™ is designed to eliminate dependency on technical know-how or knowledge workers required to make business applications work together.

A business user can leverage the ‘incoxBot’ to run workflows across multiple applications in a natural language (English) interaction. Features like, access to applications from a single chat window, ready-built workflows makes integration zero touch and self-serviceable.

Stability & Security of INCOX™

The ‘INCOX™’ service runs on a third-party world renowned Cloud Service Provider. Hence the service is highly stable, available and secure.

INCOX™ Service doesn't store any application data within its service. The INCOX™ service acts as a fulfilment engine by facilitating transactions between your SaaS apps. Also our service doesn't store any of your app credentials. Your data is in your hands!

Support for apps and workflows

You can refer the currently supported apps and use-cases through here

Any new apps/workflows need a review by our engineering team. You can e-mail us at with additional details of workflows and SaaS application to be included. We will review & include them in a minimum lead time possible.

As an alternate option, you can also register for a demo here. We can discuss the details as part of the demo and facilitate your request appropriately.

Current Supported Features and Expectations

INCOX™ platform currently supports the following features in this phase of release.

  • Interactive BOT: - ‘incoxBot’ which is the interface between the user and the INCOX™ platform. One can interact with the BOT using keywords, phrases in English to run workflows
  • Task Workflows: - These are ready-built app workflows built to fetch/exchange information between one or more applications
  • Single window access:- From a single slack chat window, a user can access the workflows of all his applications without needing to visit the individual application screens
  • Third-party app support:- INCOX™ platform currently supports up to 25 SaaS application
  • Notifications: - These are key application event alerts that will be received as Slack Notifications.
  • On-demand workflow execution: - A business user can run end to end workflows following suggested actions and/or notifications.

The future version of INCOX™ (~3-6 months) is expected to include the below features to provide a full-fledged flexibility in self-serving SaaS application interaction needs.

  • Auto workflow execution:-A business user can run-once and save the workflows for automatic execution.
  • Designer for workflows:-A web based designer tool to create user-defined workflows to support business process changes.
  • Role-based Permissions:-Able to set role specific permissions for users.
  • My Dashboard:-A user specific dashboard to see profile/subscription information.
  • Metrics for workflow execution:-A monitoring mechanism to provide information about no. of times a workflow gets executed etc.

Supported Languages

INCOX™ supports only English at this moment. Support for other languages will be deferred to future upon evaluating customer feedback and response.

Off-boarding INCOX™

Anytime, after you have signed-up for INCOX™, you can send us an email to and we will help you to discontinue from service. We don’t store any application data as part of our platform. Hence there is no concern on this part.

INCOX Pricing

From Solopreneur to Medium Enterprise
we charge an

About Us

We are an emerging organization, were on the look-out for opportunities to build a product that empowers the SMB customers to self-service their day-to day business operations efficiently. With growing adoption of SaaS applications (aka Online Applications) by SMBs globally, it was obvious from our customer observations regarding the need for a solution that glues these applications to exchange key data for business advantage and growth. Thus, INCOX™ came into existence.


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