incoxBot – Servicenow Task Automation and Integration


In this article, you’ll find how incoxBot is helpful in handling some of your routine tasks in Servicenow. incoxBot is a bot built on Slack through which you can perform tasks across your SaaS business applications at simple button clicks. Access all your apps from one place!!

Matching Business conditions:

incoxBot can come handy for a small-medium business using applications that are accessible over internet otherwise called as SaaS applications.

  • Need to work across multiple applications at multiple times in a day
  • Most of the tasks are routine day-to day tasks
  • The day-to day tasks either follow a sequence or can be adhoc
  • There are no in-house IT/development resources available
  • Access to select key business information, anytime & anywhere without complexity
  • Time & Cost are a critical factor for business i.e. prefer self-service if it can save cost

Supported Tasks for Servicenow:

Servicenow Integrations for incoxBot offers the following capabilities:

  1. Incidents
    • Create Incident
    • Update Incident
    • View Open Incidents
    • View Unassigned Incidents
    • View Incidents by User
  2. Problems
    • Create Problem
    • Update Problem
    • View Open Problems
    • View Unassigned Problems
    • View Problems by User

Business Benefit:

  • Perform predefined Create, Update and View tasks on Servicenow
  • Business on the Go – Key information available any time & across devices
  • All from one place – Interact with your app & Collaborate across stakeholders without leaving Slack
  • Improve productivity and efficiency in working with your business app.


Automation Task options available through incoxBot
View Options (Open Incidents) available through incoxBot
View Options (Open Problems) available through incoxBot

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