Welcome to exploring INCOX™ Apps. Here you will come to know about the diferent SaaS apps and its workfows (aka ‘Incflows’) supported in INCOX™

‘Incflows’ are workfows configured in INCOX™ that trigger single or multi-step actions across your SaaS Apps. They are pre-confgured and available in a ‘Ready-to Use’ fashion.

Incflows can be triggered 'on-demand' by using the incoxBot. Upon triggering an action, a response message is received with suggested actions, allowing user to follow and complete end to end workfows across multiple apps. Alternatively, workfows can also be executed through App Notification events.

To know more about the workfows supported by INCOX™ apps, select your favourite Apps in the below search box and the relevant ‘Incflows’ will appear at the bottom.

App Workflows

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